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Janua Sophia

An Undergraduate Journal of Philosophy

Managing Editor: Corbin Fowler
Executive Editor: Corbin Fowler
Consulting Editor: Shannon M. Fera
Copy Editor: For 2017: Courtney Lang and Caroline Campbell
Photograph from the Great Wall of China by Seth T. Miller Janua Sophia means doorway wisdon. The Roman god Janus, whose name is derived from janua, is the god of both beginnings and endings. Typically, Janus is depicted as dual-faced, in symbolism of looking simultaneously forward and backward. Traditionally, temples to Janus had a doorway facing the East and a doorway facing the West. It is thus the humble mission of Janua Sophia to be like a doorway in thought, connecting the East and the West.

Access to articles in any given issue of Janua Sophia can be gotten by clicking on the dark arrow on the left hand side of the page.

Janua Sophia is published by the Department of English & Philosophy at Edinboro University of Pennsylvania and is dedicated to recognizing exemplary philosophical work at the undergraduate level. Essays submitted are blind refereed.

Support for Janua Sophia comes from Edinboro University,James Smith,and the Pennsylvania Interdisciplinary Association for Philosophy and Religious Studies. For information about the journal, contact Dr. Corbin Fowler, Executive Editor, by email at cfowler@edinboro.edu or corbinfowler3@gmail.com. Dr Fowler can also be reached by phone at 814 732-1123.